Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dolly Draper book review

As mentioned on Guido's site earlier, Dolly's book isn't exactly a best seller. I particularly enjoyed this review on Amazon-

People who bought this title also bought:

A Bath plug
The Best of Ben Dover {DVD}
Berkley University sweatshirt. {XL}
Kate's GMTV fitness {DVD}
First Hundred Days {Paperback}
A new PC hard drive
Guide to unemployment benefit and family allowance {DWP leaflet}
A poor Book on Courage {Hardback}
Start a new life abroad {Hardback}
"Strictly Come Dancing" Annual {Book}
The rise of political lying {Paperback}
Kelsey Grammer's "Fraiser's guide to good mental health" {Softcover}
Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2007 {paperback}
Gunpowder: The Players Behind the Plot {Hardcover}

They also bought 12 years of McBride's smears, lies, untruths, spin, negative briefings,corrupt practices, rumour, press releases, dodgy dossiers, fake statistics, tittle-tattle, leaks, off the record lies, bully stories and sycophancy.

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Chalcedon said...

Look at those reviews. he has made himself a rather disliked man has he not?