Friday, May 8, 2009

Parliament announces new sponsorship deal

Recommended for necks everywhere

A spokesperson for the makers of the popular metal polish 'Brasso' announced that they would be sponsoring the Houses of Parliament.

"Clearly, the Honourable Members have probably the biggest brass necks in the country and require regular polishing". He goes on, "the board of the company have been mulling over the deal for some time now but when details emerged earlier about the expense claims and the squeals of 'it's within the rules' emanating from Westminster, it made their minds up for them".

The factory responsible for manufacturing the product has been put on a 24/7 production cycle to cope with the expected upturn in demand.

Rumours that Darling and Hoon are to have the brasso logo tattooed on their necks have still to be confirmed.


Anonymous said...

Nice one! I thought the logo was to go on their foreheads? To prepare the general public for having their ID card number stamped there?

Anonymous said...

Nice one Rab.
It made I larf!!

btw, so pleased about your cat too.

Gigits said...

I'd try bleach and wire wool on their necks!

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

I would also recommend a internal treatment; wire wool and Dettol, up their arses.

Except some of them would like it and try to claim it on expenses.

Perverse lot

killemallletgodsortemout said...

A .38 dum-dum in the neck would be a very good start, especially for that c;nt Hoon.

Screech said...

a machete would be a good option, not too clean though, we have to let some infection set in. Great article, nearly shit myself laughing.