Thursday, September 17, 2009

Applications to Alan Wallace.

From The Party's Over site -

Jury Team are putting together a campaign to win the Glasgow North East Bye-Election - the seat vacated by the Speaker, Michael Martin. We will be announcing our candidate next week and expect it to make the news around the world. Once the candidate is known, we will be looking to manage the hundreds of people who will, I am sure, want to volunteer to help. But before that, we're looking for two full-time assistants on a modest wage. Local knowledge would be an advantage.

Please, fellow bloggers, pass this plea out on teh interweb. Interested parties should contact me at awallace (at) emailaccount (dot) com.

I need to have a list by Saturday.


1 comment:

SNP for me said...

I'm SNP. But good luck and don't split our vote too much.
By the way that "partys over" link has an annoying advert that's a twat to get rid of. Follows you around like a rash. You eventually have to go offline to get rid of the fucker.