Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Chicken Little, reporting for the BBC....

'The sky is falling down!!!!'

The terrorising and conditioning of us all here in Blighty continues unabated. Keeping us all scared and thankfull that the authorities are looking after us. It doesn't matter that to maintain our freedom, our freedoms are being eroded like a coastline being battered by a never ending winter storm.

Right on cue, Pravda have announced that more 'plane terror plots are 'likely'. Just to keep the 'bogey man out to get us all' thoughts in the back of the public's mind. For pity's sake, give it a rest.

What kind of existance will be living if every waking hour we are suspicious and afraid of everything? And if we do end up like that then 'they' have won, no doubt about it.

Reminds me of Chicken Little.



Mark Wadsworth said...

Correct. It's called creating a 'climate of fear', vitally important for all authoritarian measures (like perpetuating the myth that heroin or cocaine is fantastically harmful to health -> we can ban it) or authoritarian regimes.

Apparently, peroxide bombs are devilishly difficult to make so the plan was hardly likely to succeed. But this is all good stuff for big government and for companies who want to sell ID cards, X-ray equipment, bottled water once you're past check in, and so on.

But all the same, hats off to the police for tracking the beardy little shits down.

religion of peace said...

I loved that convicted lucozade terrorists martyrdom video

"We will not stop until yoose leaves our lands"

From his bedroom in Birmingham. eejit

SteveShark said...

"peroxide bombs are devilishly difficult to make"

You must let me have the recipe sometime.

Anonymous said...

You remember in the 70s and 80s,nuclear war with the evil commies was always dangled about like a boogy man. Wonder how real the cold war really was.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Yet they managed to make one and show one on some program yesterday to frighten the bejesus out of us.

What utter pish Tom Harris said he waited for the innocent patsie conspiracy line

No they werent innocent but they were stupid enough to proceed and the Government took advantage meaning that if you want to drink water airside you have to buy it at a grossly inflated price.


Anonymous said...

The government will be very scared on voting day.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Thats if there is a voting day. I often get the feeling that they are fooling us with that

Dramfineday said...

In the words of the Who -"we wont get fooled again"

Anonymous said...

It won't be any kind of existance, I'd rather die than live like that. I refuse to live life in fear..