Monday, September 28, 2009

EU propaganda machine breaks it's own laws.

To those of you that may be unaware, this coming Friday is referendum day in Ireland. It's hardly been mentioned in the media this side of the Irish Sea. We wouldn't want the natives here to be getting ideas or anything now, would we?

With blatant disregard for it's own and Ireland's laws, the EU propaganda machine ensured that a sixteen page pro europe supplement was inserted into every Irish Sunday newspaper yesterday. Probably at a cost of several million euros, paid for by european and irish tax payers.

The European Commision has no business interfering in any member state's referendum.

This is, I'm sure you will agree, is outrageous behaviour.

They will really stop at nothing to ensure they get the answer they crave. Socialist scumbags.

tip of the manky bandage to Sue.



Demetrius said...

Sad, but my guess is that too many of the Irish will just cave in under the delusion that the EU are going to help them out of the problems. The No side have not had the resources to counter the propaganda war. The worry is that this could kick off a race to the bottom on coporate taxation that will cause serious damage.

Wormit Steve said...

Just remember that Scotland is not a state, it is a country of its own. Should Ireland sign the Lisbon (Constitution) Treaty then the U.K. will be another state of the European Union and Scotland, sadly, remains just a region of a state.

For every citizen, for every individual from these so-called states remember that you have different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, each unique in its way. The "union" blurs these individual traits, moves representation away and makes solving easy issues difficult.

A new tax system to fund this union and programs created from it is underway. Your money working in ways you never asked or may not agree with. If you want to make that money count pledge a little to the LPUK party.

LPUK Party Secretary

Wrinkled Weasel said...

"Scumbags"? Putting it mildly.

We are in the arena of anti-democracy.

Rob said...

Come on Ireland, don't drop your collective knickers for these arrogant bastards. Tell them No means no and keep your dignity!

Anonymous said...

It's being touted now as the Republicans' revenge on nasty old Britain.

Ah, well, we can at least take some consolation in the fact that our prejudice about the Paddies was right after all.