Monday, September 28, 2009

Someone has to take the blame.

I couldn't believe what I was reading when I stumbled upon this story.

It is every parents nightmare to lose a child. Of course it is. But one sentence in the report jumped out and smacked me right in the face.

The distraught parents, who have four daughters, are now suing the supermarket giant for negligence.

A few lines before the suing sentence, we have this -

His devastated mother was shopping just yards away when the tragedy happened.

So, the mother when entering the supermarket was under the illusion that it is the responsibilty of said supermarket to mind her child.....



Pavlov's Cat said...

It does seem to be the case Rab, it also extends to the car park.
Also libraries, other shops, shopping malls, pub gardens and even inside the pub itself.They now seem to be considered defacto creche's and playgrounds and are therefore responsible for childrens safety.

Anonymous said...

FFS! I would normally be sympathetic but they sound like a pair of chav cunts. Notice they have different surnames - yet another benefit scrounging single Mum?

Anonymous said...

The Liverpool mentality explains this to a tee.

Scouse cunts.

Joe Public said...

And it's odds-on that an Ambulance-Chasing lawyer put them up to it?

Dick Puddlecote said...

The family said they were "so protective" over their son who was growing into a "proper little boy".

Yeah, that works. Not.

It's a sad case but such things happen, they are never going to be rubbed out no matter how protective one is, or however many ridiculous rules one makes up.

Of course, life itself can't be sued.

Compulsory bubble-wrapping of kids on the way?

Kevin S said...

Rex Makin has made a career out of this sort of thing. He taught Max Clifford everything he knows!!!