Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labour did this to Britain.



Anonymous said...

Rab, you seem to be regurgitating BNP propaganda..


Have you thought this through properly?


wv: press

Old Holborn said...


A Libertarian believes he is responsible for his own life, his actions, his health and his wealth.

2 Million years of human history tells me this works.

Suddenly, it doesn't. Because a few hundred politicians tell us they know better. Not that they will go to Nivana of course, they will lie next to us rotting in a graveyard. But they will have spent their lives controlling your lives for THEIR benefit whilst you spent your life obeying them.

Fuck that. I'll sleep when I'm dead. Until then, I am alive. Very, very alive. I will live my one life as I please an woe betide anyone who tries to tell me how I should spend the one thing I truly own. Life.

RantinRab said...

There is no doubt that the BNP will use videos like the one I posted, of course they will. They might even have produced it, I don't know.

I present videos on my site not to dictate my thoughts/views on others. I hope to make people think and question everything. To the casual observer, my blog could be leaning towards the BNP but this is not the case at all.

We are ALL being manipulated and controlled and the evidence is as plain as the nose on your face, all you have to do is look at it.

Think about it, the media show reports of 'fascist' demonstrators marching in protest against a mosque. This inflames the young muslims who kick off and the circle continues, spinning faster and faster and slowly but surely the whole population will get sucked into the situation, with who knows what consequences.

What is happening is not coincidence, it is being manipulated. We are being distracted by the 'show' while the real 'action' happens quietly in the background.

No one will tell me what to think, no one.

Or perhaps I need a new tinfoil hat.

Old Holborn said...


Libertarians scare the fucking shit out of everyone

Since when were we supposed to think for ourselves?

Anonymous said...

OH - I'm not criticising your ideas, since I'm very much on the same wave length.

What I'm criticising is the citing of blatant 'skinhead' propaganda as support for your case.

All I saw on that video was another group of people who view the state, and it's shiny-jacketed goons, as the enemy.

I don't recognise them as much different from me. I also appreciate the opportunity to judge people on the luminescence of their apparel, rather than their ethnicity.

But, when you get on the news at 10 on Nov 5th, what on earth will Tunbridge Wells think of you? The fat poof speaks for them in the hushest of tones.

Nick Griffin will be popping over to Farquam Hall for tea and photo-ops.

Chin chin,

Anonymous said...

No-one wants to be called a 'fascist' and I'd bet the great majority of people who voted BNP in the Euro elections are just ordinary people who've had enough of the kind of stuff you can see in the video.

If all the main parties will do is appease these fucking maniacs, what is left? Emigrate? Fight in the streets? or vote BNP?

I'm no racist, I'm no fascist, but it seems to me that that is what the choice is reducing to.

Anonymous said...

Call me a fascist if you want (I am, so it won't offend me) but it's about time we as a country started showing the militant Islamist shitpiles the open end of a gun barrel. Never mind banning marches by the EDL and their ilk, ban hard-line Islamist marches and beat the shit out of them.

Rob said...

What the hell were the police doing? The protestors (rioters actually) should have been given one warning and then if that wasn't obeyed they should have cracked heads and made arrests. They didn't hesitate to knobble the great unwashed at the G20 protests so why now. I don't give a monkeys what the colour of their skin was, they were being 'orrible little bastards and should have been dealt with appropriately.

And all this from the religion of 'Peace' (They're obviously not familiar with buddhism who are actually nice guys and wouldn't hurt a fly...literally!)

Oh and fuck off anonymous fascist. The vast majority of us don't want you lot here either.

Anonymous said...

If you study the video closely, you'll see that it's not just members of the religion of peace that are chasing the police screaming "Allah Akbar", there's what I could only assume to be U.A.F. members in there as well.

It's got me thinking....The Saudi government fund all sorts of crackpot organisations throughout the World, in their over all goal of Islamic dominance.

Could they also fund the U.A.F.? - What bigger crackpot organisation is there than that?

Anonymous said...

Re Aljahom.

The reason that many of us, myself included, seem to sail so close to a Nationalistic wind these days, is simply to raise two fingers to this odious Socialist government of ours, whom for Years, have bombarded us with Fabian school of thought accusations that we're all evil people, borne out of institutionalised racists, meaning our founding fathers of yore.

We've all got axes to grind, and as NuLabour are now about to dramatically implode, now is our time to rub their noses firmly into the ground, with a single fingered gesture of outright defiance.

Speaking for myself I hate ALL Socialists, whether they be of the left, or Far right variety. - Yet you do make me realise that I personally, maybe taking my anti left wing hatred a little too far.

The Young Oligarch said...

Good find , Rab . I've stuck it on my site as well .

If we don't speak out against these outrages and remain silent (as the left have forced us to do for decades) then the anger and inevitable backlash will be so savage that no one can contain it .

And who's fault will that be ?

Because the BNP thinks some of the same things as the majority of the population , doesn't mean that that population is wrong - it means that the political establishment is wrong .

To ignore the truth because Leftist enemies of the people might say "Ooo! You're just like the evil (insert scapegoat group here)" would be a position of intellectual and moral bankruptcy .

Pretty much like the position they occupy .

McGonagall said...

I have it on good authority that most Muslims are nice people who have been getting a bad press because of a few bad eggs.

Barking Spider said...

Uncle Bob is right. Where were the riot police and the Territorial Support Group that were the main feature of the G20?

I'm no fascist or racist but an example needs to be made of these rioting dickheads and that includes the whites among the ranks of the Labour-sponsored UAF thugs, because until that happens, nothing will change - not for the good, anyway!

I'm going to post this too, Rab, well spotted.

bloke with nadgers said...

We live in dangerous times, caught between three unpleasant groups - Islamists, BNP, and left-wing extremists. The BNP are out on the streets to provoke an ugly Muslim backlash that will help them gain seats at the imminent election. The left-wingers always go back to direct action (protests, strikes and "anti-fascist" attacks) when they see a Tory government as inevitable. Anjem Choudary's UK jihadists see the election as a weak point where, by threatening riots, they can exert pressure on an incoming government to appease the Islamist agenda.

The longer this government puts off the election the longer they give these ratbags time to manoeuvre.

Rob said...

The police should send a simple message to any protest groups that we in Britain happily give you the freedom to protest peacefully about issues you disagree with as fundementally most Britons believe in a free society, but start acting like a dick and threaten other members of the public or the police themselves then they can expect to become very familiar with a baton and an angry alsation.

There, I think that nicely balances the right amount of authority with my libertarian leanings.

Old Holborn said...


Let's protect them

They need it.