Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Entertainment? Or social commentary?

Firstly, apologies for forcing the TV equivalent of Valium for the masses onto your computer screen.

I arrived home from a gruelling shift around half nine on Sunday morning and the missus insisted I watched the above clip. She thought it, quite rightly, hilarious as did I.

Since then, it has bugged me. These two unfortunate girls have had a harsh lesson of what the real world is all about. The question we should be asking ourselves is why the hell did these two think that they had any talent and would succeed in their 'dream'. Just watch their reaction when told that they have no talent.

No doubt, we have witnessed the result of the 'everyone is a winner' mantra that infects the education system in this country. There are no losers within the younger generation these days. We all know traditional sports days are frowned upon and have been replaced with 'fun' days and 'potted sports'. A whole generation have grown up thinking they can achieve anything they want to by simply just trying, regardless of any talent they may have or, in most cases, not have.

Those of you with children at primary school will be aware of the culture of rewarding 'good' behaviour. Those who behave in class, for example, will receive some form of reward. An example I am aware of is golden time, where a child is awarded so many minutes for behaving and on a Friday is allowed to pick a fun activity. Now, this isn't a reward for being the teacher's pet or for some outstanding achievement. It's a reward for just behaving. For doing the bare minimum.

Thus, these children grow up and enter the adult world expecting praise and reward for, pretty much, bugger all. And are shocked to find that it is not forthcoming. Perhaps it would be much kinder to our youngsters if schools mirrored real life. Talent should be encouraged, competitiveness should be encouraged. It's a big bad world out there and the silly pat on the head nonsense doesn't do them any good. Winning needs to be seen as a good thing, something to aspire to and to be proud of. Let's stop lowering the bar. By all means help those kids who need a step up to reach the bar, but let's stop stifling those that can reach the bar without any help.

And for those who do not have the talent? Tell them and let them find out what they are good at.



The Young Oligarch said...

I agree with much of what you say , as usual , Rab , but I don't think the real problem lies with the two lassies here . They're just 2 wee , plain , daft , un-educated and harmless lassies who want to play at being singers . There's no harm in that .

The real problem is that programmes like this , peopled by the whooping morons of an audience and the sneering non-entities of "judges" , are broadcast at all .

It is crude beyond belief , sinister and un-speakably cruel .

Do these feral arseholes (there's a mental image for you !) imagine that their sneers and jeers give them some sort of divine status ?

Cattle trucks to the East for the panel ; education and hard work for the scumbag audience ; and a pat on the head and "very good , doll" for the wee lassies .

The Young Oligarch said...

"The Objectification Of The Other".
- there's a phrase for you !

I need to take up drink again , I'm starting to have original thoughts .

RantinRab said...

I meant to mention in my post that the reaction of the two lassies was complete shock at being told they are rubbish!

Clearly they have been told that they are great singers etc.

A wee mistake by me, just about to be rectified.

The Young Oligarch said...

That said , Rab , I just couldn't watch it after they started speaking to the panel . I knew what was coming .

I stand by what I said though . The moral depravity of the show itself , the panel and the audience is a thousand times worse than 2 wee lassies who think they can sing .

It really is "back to the arena" .

As I said as well , you're right about the "prizes for all" bit . Are you sure you're not Melanie Phillips in disguise ?

subrosa said...

Entirely agree with you Rab. The education of our children has been dumbed down for years now. The parents of the able move their children to fee-paying schools if they can and the parents of the not-so-able are thrilled their children receive Ds, Es and Fs in exam results - not realising the pass level is C.

The programme makers are sadistic but reality TV is what brings in the profits. The sadness is that they put the likes of these lassies up knowing full well they're terrible. Mind you their attitude was one of overpowering confidence so they maybe thought they were doing them a little favour which a teacher should have done years ago.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that the fat one is getting her own reality tv show. And that she's a permanent fixture in the outpatients department for various illnesses associated with her lifestyle. She's a 'celebrity' in her scheme so she's got the last laugh.
But it might all be bollox like the X Factor.

Don't Call Me Dave said...

Watch this clip instead


Shibby said...

I feel depressed

Fucking hell

I don't know what part of that video was worse.

I won't sleep tonight.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Got it in one, Don Roberto

McGonagall said...

A wee bit ae public humiliation will dae them good.

Mummy x said...

Eeeekkkkk cringe. I just cannot watch any of these programs. I actually get embarressed for the crap ones. As for golden time in schools, my Squids school runs it and it actually works. Look at it from the flip side. It is not run to praise the children for doing what they should do. It is garanteed that every child will get golden time on a friday afternoon. The way it works is that any child that misbehaves doesn't get golden time. And trust me it works. Each of my Squids have lost golden time just once. They never did it again. Sitting on a chair in the corner of the class room whilst all your mates get on and have fun is a very strong incentive to behave. It is not designed to praise but to punish.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't bear to watch the video Rab - I'm not great on watching public humiliation unless it's Plod, an MP or a Council jobsworht on the receiving end - but agree with you completely. The Labour formula - the uneducated will be easier to control.

Anonymous said...

You total cunt.

Now I need eye bleach, ear bleach, brain bleach, desk bleach, monitor bleach, keyboard bleach and a fresh V&T.