Sunday, September 6, 2009

Work! What's it all about?

I'm getting a tad pissed off having to work for a living! I want/need a rest. Just getting onto a dayshift job would be good, instead of feeling like a zombie all the time, even on rest days.

Just heading out for another 13 hour fun filled shift of blood sweat and tears, all in the name of providing the 'public' with coca cola and chocolate digestives.

You ungrateful bastards!

*rant ends*



j said...

So you're not a Londan/Midland train-driver on double-time then?

Lester Taylor said...

Here is a story of a nightmare day shift Rab.

I once worked in a tea bag factory packing tea bags and it was a thankless task and quite a surreal one....

At the start of the morning shift you would feel like death warmed up and throughout the day you would sneeze black because of the tea dust getting stuck up your nose and going into your lungs....but by mid day all the caffeine in the tea consumed through inhalation would start to kick the end of your shift your were like Spud in Trainspotting when he is at the job your face on tea.

After the shift we would go to the pub and knock back 5 pints of Moosehead and with double Glenmorangie chasers per pint just to take the edge off to go to sleep......they were the best and worst of times.

Best moment was when i stood on the conveyor belt off my face on tea and conducted the factory in the Tetley Tea song.

Anonymous said...

stop the whingin moany minnie, dont much like my job either :p has it's perks tho :p

Sam Duncan said...

“off my face on tea”

Careful, or they'll have Scottish Blend on the Class A list before you can say “bansturbation”.

And I'm sure we all appreciate the dedicated work of you and your fellow supermarket monkeys, Rab. Mmm, chocolate digestives... I've come over all peckish all of a sudden...

The Young Oligarch said...

Thanks , Rab .

When are you getting Wagon Wheels back in ?

I think we should be told .

The Big Dollop said...

Rab Ya Bam

I agree bro - working the nightshift sucks like a dyson - I work the nightshift too - only as a means to an and though - paying the frickin mortgage and so forth!

Anonymous said...

Wagon Wheels?
Fuck 'em.
We want plain chocolate HobNobs!

Dark Lochnagar said...

What is it you do excatly, Rab. I'm diabetic, so you can stick your ginger nuts up yir arse!

RantinRab said...

In a nut shell DL, when I start my shift I'm in charge of a supermarket and a team of staff. By opening time the next morning, it's my job to ensure the store is ready to trade. And it MUST be ready, no excuses.

goldenballs said...

You could watch Derren Brown's show on Wednesday Rab. He's going to show how to predict the lottery numbers.

Unknown said...

Your not getting much sympathy here Rab. You keep on working till you drop son, it is your birthright!

PS: Have you seen the price of White Lightening these days? I think Mrs. Yin needs to churn out another bairn to cover the ever spiraling costs of fags 'n' booze...any chance you lot of shirkers could do some more overtime? Your cuntry needs you! Double :}

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Rab, who is it who leaves packets of bacon in the "back to school" section?

Why do mothers think it is ok for kids to put their snotty fingers in the pick and mix?

Why do they always move stuff from one isle to another so that you feel lost and disorientated?

An insider ought to be able to tell us this sort of thing.


RantinRab said...

You'd be amazed at what we find. From chicken bones chucked onto shelves to rotten meat dumped down the back of sections. Now and again, we'll get a 'whiff' of something and it takes ages to pinpoint where the stench is coming from, then it's a strip down of the section until we find the culprit. Why people chuck packs of raw chicken or prawns down the back of the cereal section eludes me. We find it when it is rotten and when it's disturbed the smell is stomach churning. And don't get me started on the complete bastards who dump fresh foods into the freezers. £8 worth of steak in the bin 'cos some lazy bastard can't put it back in the fridge or give it to a staff member.

As for moving stuff around, well, it makes you walk around more and you see other stuff and then you buy more, simples!

Big Yin, overtime? They were the days. No overtime these days, need to keep the prices down for you ungrateful demanding bastards!

Joe Public said...

Rab, will you be brave & introduce Highway-Code type rules for the ladies trundling their trolleys down your aisles?

Howsabout making all aisles one-way (or "keep left"); fine the biddies who stop in the middle to hold a 10-minute conflab; fine those who abandon their trolley right across the bakery counter & disappear to find the marg; ban those who stroll at 1 mph holding up a train of busy shoppers; and, charge the mums who give their kids donuts or (and!) sweets to eat before reaching the checkout.

You (& Mr Tesco) have a hard life.

Anonymous said...

aes noe pronoonced 'public'.

aes 'pube lick'

htfh ;-)