Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Surprise of the Day, (Not).

Are you sitting down? If you have a bad heart or don't like surprises, look away now.

Right, I know this may come as a total and utter surprise to everyone but it would seem that Mandelson saved Baroness Scotland!

He had a 'word in the ear' of the Prime Mentalist and urged him not to make knee jerk decisions.

Tony learned from my experience and he said subsequently that kangaroo courts, rushing to judgement, is not the way to deal with people’s ministerial jobs,” he says today.

“The point is you have to inform yourself properly, before rushing to judgement and that’s what the Prime Minister has done in this case.”

Perhaps Mandelson really pointed out that Gordon didn't really need another bitter enemy for the time being...



Lester Taylor said...

"Tony learned from my experience"........what experience?

In being a lying cheating slimy thug?

Who is this man and how is it that he is so powerful?

Because we have let him become so.

I just can't believe what is going on in Britain....the corruption is right in our faces...

Has Mandy tucked us all in bed? are we asleep whilst he takes over the known universe?

Hacked Off said...

The fucking bitch had no trouble paying out £5,000 from the £170,000 she's fucking stolen.

Maybe she slipped Voldemort a few quid, he's partial to a bit of grease.

The Penguin

Sue said...

It's all so bloody seedy isn't it?