Monday, September 28, 2009

Donations, not taxation.

Can you help?

LPUK is growing but unlike other political parties we operate on monies received via donations, memberships and items in the shop. The Libertarian Party UK is not turning up in your post with demand notices threatening legal action if you choose not to pay. LPUK also doesn't send round detector vans to see if you are reading the forums, blogs or associated Libertarian materials and then charge you for license to do so. LPUK isn't a paid for disk that you put in your window to show you can be a mobile Libertarian. So when LPUK asks for help try to break the habit, look at your situation(s) and ask what can I give?

Some may be able to help by boosting membership, some by selling Libertarian goods and some will donate via the links. In whatever way you can please help to support not just a group but the individuals working to make government the way you want it. If bringing in £5, £10 or £20 donations is possible think of the savings in that investment under a LPUK government when bloated programs, central government and taxes are met with sound policies and local government.

Donate to LPUK link

LPUK shop link

Steven J. Sexton
LPUK Scotland Party Secretary


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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Give us your money but don't you fucking dare swear on our blog.

Alas, LPUK has already suffered the plight of all organisations. The power-hungry fuckwits have grabbed the reins.